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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My interview with A's prospect Brian Snyder

AF - Word was that the A's were impressed with how well you did in instructional league, how much do the A's let you know their feelings on your performance?

BS - I think the A's were impressed with playing although I know they were dissappointed in my wieght gain and how i was out of shape. They let you know if you are doing well or not. They are pretty open with letting you know where you stand.

AF - What did the A's have you working on?

BS - really just playing again and getting in shape since i missed so much time last yr

AF - Prior to the draft were you aware of the A's interest in you?

BS - Not so much they were at some of my gmes but for the most part they kept there interest level a secret

AF - What other teams expressed interest?

BS - Blue Jays, Red Sox and Angels

AF - I read that you played some second in college. Third is blocked by Eric Chavez for another half decade, has there been any talk of you moving you back to 2nd, or even anywhere else?

BS - Well if there has been any talk about me moving to second i have not been apart of those discussions

AF - Can you give us a little rundown of your strengths and weaknesses at the plate and in the field?

BS - Strengths I would have to say would be me getting on base and my gap to gap power. My weakness I would say sometimes I get pull happy and take too many pitches and might strike out at too many times. I think in the field I have really made huge strides with my defense and making myself a solid 3rd baseman

AF - What are your goals for the 2006 season?

BS - Just to stay healthy and have a solid year stat wise at wherever I may start the year.

I of course would really like to thank Brian on taking his time out to answer a few questions.

If you missed it, an interview with A's righty Brad Knox is below.


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