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Friday, December 23, 2005

My interview with A's prospect Kevin Bunch

Kevin was nice enough to take the time to answer a few questions for me. He was the A's 7th round selection last June and posted a 2.70 ERA in 10 innings with 11 K's for Rookie Level Arizona last year.

A's Future:
A lot of A's fans are unaware of the stuff you feature as you're so new to the system, do you think you can give a scouting report on yourself?

Kevin Bunch: I'm a converted catcher. I have good movement on my two seam fastball. my velocity is 88-90. I have an above average curve ball

AF: In the draft, how close did you get selected to where you were anticipating?

KB: I had no idea where I was going to get taken. I just started pitching my senior year in high school

AF: How far up were the A's on your wish list of teams that had interest in you?

KB: I had no idea they had interest in me until the day they drafted me

AF: Can you tell us a little bit about the contract negotiation process?

KB: My agent did all of that. I have no idea what he did

AF: Have you been informed on where you're starting next season? Us A's fans are new to the concept of such a young prospect, so we don't quite know how it works yet.

KB: I was told that I will start in Kane County if all goes well in spring training

AF: The A's hadn't gone HS heavy in about half a decade, was it at all satisfying that you were part of the group that bucked the trend?

KB: Yes, I was surprised when i was drafted by the A's. I always knew they were big on college players.

AF: How clear was the difference in talent between high school and your first taste of professional baseball?

KB: Yes. Every pitcher has average to above average stuff and all the hitters do too

AF: You only got 10 innings in after being signed, did the A's inform you that they were going to take it easy with you at the start?

KB: Yes, they said they were going to take us slow. The main reason I got ten innings was because I strained my groin during one of my outings, that put me out for a while.

AF: What are your goals for the 2006 season?

KB: I would like to have a successful season in Low A and possibly get called up to High A

AF: Thanks so much for your time Kevin. I really appreciate it.

KB: You're welcome. I hope everything goes well. Merry Christmas

Here is Kevin Bunch's BA pre-draft profile:
Six-foot-5, 210-pound RHP Kevin Bunch raised his profile when he made the decision to switch from catching to pitching, tapping into his arm strength. His fastball has been up to 90 mph, the ball comes out of his hand easily and he has the makings of a plus curveball. Bunch still catches for his high school team, and scouts predict he will show even more velocity when he gives up catching altogether.

Here is my interview of Scot Drucker from November

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Out of Town

To Tahoe until Thursday or Friday. I'll try to come up with an update for then. In the meantime, ask any questions and I'll answer them asap.


Projected Roster: AAA Sacramento

C - Jeremy Brown
1B - Brant Colamarino
2B - Andruw Beattie
SS - Mike Rouse
3B - Bobby Smith
LF - Charles Thomas
CF - Steve Stanley
RF - Brian Stavisky

Bench - Doug Clark, Seth McClain, Tom Gregorio

SP - Dan Meyer
SP - Juan Crux
SP - Adam Johnson
SP - John Rheinecker
SP - Shane Komine

RP - Jairo Garcia
RP - Marc Gwynn
RP - Matt Roney
RP - Jason Karmuth
RP - Chris Mabeus
RP - Chad Gaudin

Friday, December 16, 2005

Projected Roster: AA Midland

C - Kurt Suzuki
1B - Daric Barton
2B - Kevin Melillo
SS - Lloyd Turner
3B - Brian Snyder
LF - Danny Putnam
CF - Richie Robnett
RF - Jason Perry

Bench - Casey Myers, Matt Allegra, Jed Morris

SP - Brad Knox
SP - Dallas Braden
SP - Jason Windsor
SP - Brad Zigler
SP - Steve Bondurant

RP - Justin Crowder
RP - Levi Burton
RP - Conor Robertson
RP - Drew Dickinson
RP - Steve Obenchain
RP - Matt Lynch

Notes: I've previously stated that I expected Barton to start in AAA, but as the offseason has gone on, I no longer think that's the case.

Keep supporting the site and the offseason will fly by..Not really, but I appreciate it.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Projected Roster: Advanced A Stockton

C - Landon Powell
1B - Tommy Everidge
2B - Gregorio Petit
SS - Cliff Pennington
3B - Myron Leslie
LF - Nick Blasi
CF - Javier Herrera
RF - Travis Buck

Bench - Eddie Kim, John McCurdy, David Castillo

SP - Mike Madsen
SP - Jimmy Shull
SP - Ryan Webb
SP - Ben Fritz
SP - Trent Peterson

RP - Scott Drucker
RP - Marcus McBeth
RP - Brad Sullivan
RP - Derek Tharpe
RP - Jason Ray
RP - Dan Fyvie

Notes: Stockton seems to feature a lot more offense than Kane County with nowhere near the quality of pitching. Landon Powell and Ben Fritz will be interesting to watch returning from injuries. This will be the last chance Brad Sullivan will get.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Projected Roster: Low A Kane County

C - Anthony Recker
1B - Haas Pratt
2B - Isaac Omura
SS - Justin Sellers
3B - Jeff Baisley
LF - Chad Boyd
CF - Mike Massaro
RF - Ramon Alvarado

SP - Jared Lansford
SP - Craig Italiano
SP - Vince Mazzaro
SP - Scott Deal
SP - Kevin Bunch

RP - Trey Shields
RP - Brad Kilby
RP - Brad Davis
RP - Jose Corchado
RP - Jeff Gray
RP - Steve Bryant

Notes: The bench was a little to hard to figure out. A couple of the pitchers, like Deal and Bunch might be in the pen or even wait until Vancouver opens up. The offense looks nothing short of terrible but the pitching shouldn't be anything short of fantastic.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another prospect gone

This one of course is bigger news with Andre Ethier on his way to LA for Antonio Perez and Milton Bradley. I'm a little shocked that Bradley would cost Ethier, but you can't ignore the upgrade that Perez holds over Scutaro as well as Bradley over Payton. Ethier had more value than he really should have after his breakthrough 2005. The fact of the matter is that he still projects as maybe a slightly above average regular but the awards he's won make him seem like a future all star. In the meantime, Bradley already is an above average regular and Perez is worlds better than Marco Scutaro.

Great trade by Beane

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A's trade Dustin Majewski

to complete the trade with Toronto for Chad Gaudin.

A's roster with Zito



I have to assume that Joe Kennedy will be traded. He'll make at least 2 mil in arbitration, too much for him if the A's simply use him as a middle reliever.

Frank Thomas at DH

It seems likely that the A's are signing Thomas, so I have no problem penciling him in already. I still jope the A's can land Milton Bradley to play left instead of Payton.


When was the last time the A's opened the season without being dependant on a rookie?
2005: Swisher, Blanton, Street
2004: Crosby
2003: None - Mike Neu was on the opening day roster though.
2002: Carlos Pena
2001: Jose Ortiz
2000: Mark Mulder
1999: Eric Chavez

2006 looks to be just the 2nd time in the last 8 season's that will see the A's with a roster of only veterans. Daric Barton and Andre Ethier may both see time in 2006, but as of now it's unlikely that either will play a key role. 2007 is a different story as both Barton and Ethier should at the moment be expected to start game 1.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Baseball Cube

Our partnership with The Baseball Cube is now complete. Keep using the search engine on the right. In the meantime, check out the coolest thing I've ever done. Also included along with the below is Javier Herrera, Kevin Melillo, Travis Buck and Cliff Pennington. The linked page is no doubt the best though.

Monday, December 05, 2005

A couple of rumors

One is Milton Bradley to the A's for either Joe Kennedy or Kirk Saarloos. The other is Barry Zito to LA for Bradley and "a couple top prospects".

You can have an outstanding team in 2006 with Zito and Bradley or you can be good in 2006 but better off in the future. But what if you could to this?

Zito to LA for Milton Bradley, Chad Billingsley (SP prospect, top 10 in all of baseball) and Russ Martin (catching prospect, around the top 50). Then you send Billingsley to Cincy for Adam Dunn and you send Martin to Arizona for Carlos Quentin/Conor Jackson. The Reds would go for it because they need pitching and Billingsley might be the best SP prospect in baseball. Arizona would consider this because they badly need a catcher and Quentin/Jackson will be hard pressed to both find a place to play in Arizona.

Thoughts on this one? Hopefully the A's make a big move tomorrow.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Let me ask you guys this

We all know the A's need a bat. Well, what about Bobby Abreu? The Phillies have said he availible for a #1 starting pitcher, which I think they would consider Zito. The Phillies would then be able to sign Zito long term with the money dumped on Abreu. The A's would also have to find somewhere to send Kotsay to make the finances work.

I not only think Abreu is a great option, I believe he's a realistic option. So do you guys 1) Want him and 2) Think the A's can get him?