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Monday, February 28, 2005

A's Top Prospects: 30-26

30 - Mike Rogers, RHP, Born 10/24/82, Acquired via draft: 2004, 2nd round, 49th overall

Rogers was linked to having caught the A's eye prior to the 2004 draft, and ended up being the A's 5th pick, their first of two 2nd rounders. Rogers posted 3 straight very consistant seasons at NC State but struggled instantly after signing with the A's. Comparing his Junior year at NC State to his short time at Vancouver, Rogers looks very disappointing. His K:9 went from 8.5 at NC State to 5.9 in Vancouver. His BB:9 doubled and his hits:9 went up by about 4. The A's believe his struggles were fatigue and nothing more. Rogers is likely to start at Low-A Kane County, but being a college draftee, the A's will look to move him up shortly to at least High-A Stockton.

29 - Dallas Braden, LHP, Born 8/13/83, Acquired via draft: 2004, 24th round, 727th overall

Braden, when drafted, was supposedly consistantly in the mid 80's with his fastball. Once he showed up to A's camp he was clocked at 90 MPH. Braden also throws a plus screwball, one of the few professional pitchers that still features one. Braden dominated hitters at both Low-A Vancouver and Low-A Kane County last season with a total K:9 of 13.5 -- And that isn't including a 15 K gem he tossed in the Midwest League playoffs. Braden may start the season at High-A Stockton, which is almost unheard of as a 21 year old 24th round pick.

28 - Alexi Ogando, OF, Born 10/5/83, Signed as an undrafted FA out of the Dominican Republic

Ogando is a very toolsy prospect who has yet to put it together. He's a solid defensive OF'er with one of the strongest arms in the systems. He was paired with similar style prospect Javier Herrera in Vancouver last season, but he didn't see the results Herrera did. After recording just 3 hits in 20 AB's to go with 9 K's, he was sent down to Arizona. Ogando got off to a strong start in Arizona, but ended with fairly average numbers. He's likely to start at Low-A as Kane County's starting RF'er. Ogando has as much potential to become a star as any player in the A's system, it's just a matter of him putting it together.

27 - Jose Corchado, RHP, Born 4/5/84, Acquired via draft: 2002, 18th round, 548th overall

Corhado is a very interesting prospect, perhaps the most interesting in the A's system. He has very good stuff, similar to what Jairo Garcia displays, but the A's have gone very slowly with him. Corchado has thrown just 153 innings since being drafted in 2002. Last season in Kane County he K'ed almost 11:9 in 61 innings, 33 games, 6 starts. He'll likely begin the season at Stockton, likely in the bullpen to assure his health. Corchado is definetly a guy to keep your eye on.

26 - Ryan Webb, RHP, Born 2/5/86, Acquired via draft: 2004, 4th round, 127th overall

Webb was the first early round draft pick from a high school for the A's since the 2002 Moneyball draft. Webb stands a mighty 6'6" but is still as skinny as you'd expect an 18 year old to be. For such a youngster, Webb has very good control. In 20 innings at Arizona last season, Webb walked just 1 to go with 23 K's. His ERA was a poor 4.87, but his K and BB rate are very encouraging. Webb right now throws high 80's, but as his body fills out he should be able to add a few MPH. Webb can be very good, but it may not be for a while. He'll probably start at Low-A Kane County, but the A's may even keep him out of game action until June and send him to Vancouver.

25-21 will be posted in a few days

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